Thursday, August 11, 2011


Unforgettable, by bbrunophotography

So today I realized how much I love using textures in my art work. I guess you might say that I am not a purist when it comes to photography. I play around with photos like a kid with a new set of Playdough, tweaking light and shadow just a bit, upping the contrast, and discovering how certain images almost beg for drama.

Enter digital layering and textures.
The grungier the better.

Whether you're a big fan of textured art or just like your images nice and simple, perhaps this week's Friday Showcase will encourage you to take a long look at this idea of taking art a step further. 

I don't use texturing on every photo, because sometimes an image needs to be left as is. But turn me loose on a textures website and you could probably steal my purse, my chocolate, and my coffee grounds in the freezer before I'd even glance up.

The following six artists turned my head with their textured images. 

Happy weekend, everyone!

Dahlia by JudyStalus

End of the Day by jmbarlay

Grace by joyfulheartphotos

Story Time by elr104

Carnivale by JKPhotography

Set of 4 Bird Photographs, by TheCamerasEye


  1. These are lovely pieces. Mine has only a very light texture, most of the "texture" is the paper I photographed the flower on.
    I also love to play with my image.
    Thank for the inclusion here.
    Judy Stalus

  2. Judy, however you achieved that texture, it is stunning! I've long been an admirer of your work.

  3. Bonnie you are so sweet, and I wouldn't notice your chocolate, purse or your coffee for exactly the same reason, I love exploring new textures and new ways to enhance a subject. Sometimes a photo is in need of forgetting to click the photo shop button but for the most part, art in photography is what has taught me to become a better photographer and to see something more in an image I may have deleted before. Your choices are superb and thank you for including my 4 wonderful birds :0)!

  4. Michelle, your post made me smile. Nice to meet you, and to hear how you enjoy texturing and experimenting also. Your work is just so beautiful, those four birdies leapt off the screen at me. Thanks for stopping by!


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