Friday, August 19, 2011

FRIDAY SHOWCASE: Papercrafting

I'm a klutz when it comes to papercrafting of any sort, which makes today's topic extra-special for me. The six artists whose work is featured below must have been born with the papercrafting gene. Their work is fresh and bright, with amazing twists and turns that stopped me in my tracks.

I did try papercrafting once, at a gathering of craftsy women who seemed to know exactly what they wanted to do and set about doing it. I wandered over to the Christmas card table, where five or six ladies were turning paper into cut-outs or tiny paintings, embellishing them with woven-ribbon edgings, sparkles, and such. I had a hard time just deciding where to place my reindeer stamp. 

All that creative energy in one room made me realize how beautifully unique we all are. No need to lament the skills we don't possess, or envy those who can handle a pair of craft scissors like a surgeon with a scalpel. Appreciate their gifts for what they are--talent they've worked hard to achieve. 

I used to tell my kids that if all of us were alike, it would be a very boring world. We'd dress alike, talk alike, and nobody would stand out in their field.  I prefer life the way it is, with gifted people who wow my senses and make me want to try new things (even if I fall flat on my face).

I know you'll enjoy these six papercrafters. Their sample doesn't convey the whole picture, though, so when you have time take a look at each shop or website. Variety truly is the spice of life!

Happy weekend, everyone. God bless.

Chocolate Brown Embossed Card by GinaK

Vintage Children Silhouette Card by DanaesCraftyDesigns

Butterfly Notecard by aidforabby

A Dozen I Love You's by danamazing

ArtLover/School Supplies Paper Flower Bouquet by Penelopeinmypocket

Elephant Papercut framed wall art by candyspotting


  1. Thank you for coming to visit my blog! I loved your comment about the pen pals for 50 years. I browsed a little in your Etsy shop...gorgeous work! I love the one called "The Old Homestead", reminds me of old homes here in the mountains of Virginia.

  2. I love rustic old homesteads and have turned around on a country road more than once to capture photos like "The Old Homestead." I always wish those wall could speak, though. Every abandoned house has such a story behind it, you know?

    Thanks for visiting! Blessings...


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