Friday, April 15, 2011

FRIDAY SHOWCASE: Somebody's Home

Bygone Days by bbrunophotography
Yesterday was my mother's birthday. The intial shock of her sudden passing 7 years ago has been replaced with a sweet appreciation for all she poured into my life. God gave me a mama whose example created beautiful ripples that would influence me all the way through life. I didn't realize the impact at the time, but time has a way of rooting those early lessons deeper each passing year.

I was blessed with a mom who would be the first to admit she wasn't perfect, but who left a living example of faith and persistence in the face of difficulty--something she called sticktoitiveness.

She and my dad taught me to keep going and to let God handle the heavy lifting. In my weakness, He fills in the gaps because He is strong and faithful, more than enough for every situation.
Today's Friday Showcase is a look at the physical place we call Home. Each image depicts somebody's house. True "home" is not where the latest decorating takes place. It's not where we hang our clothes or cook our meals, but where lives are tenderly molded and hearts touched for life. 

Wood and nails, paint and furnishings are just the shelter in which we live and love; where we set priorities that will determine our eternal future.  Home truly IS where the heart abides, and where lives are changed forever.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Old Maine House by SkinnerPhotography
Old Southern House and Garden by artistjillian
Old Farmhouse by FranceGallery
Abandoned Kitchen by MadeinMariposa
Place to Rest my Weary Head by kimpossible98
Inside an Old Log Cabin by thejdawg

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