Friday, April 8, 2011


Chaos by bbrunophotography

Collages can be created by layering art digitally (as I did in this first image), or might involve an intricate process of cutting and snipping, pasting and sewing. I'm drawn to collages because they tell a story, and without storytelling, life would be pretty dull, don't you think?

Each of us are writing the story of our lives daily, whether we're conscious of it or not. Life's drama began to unfold the moment we filled our lungs and let out that first Hello-World wail. 

Collages have a launching point too, as each piece, each layer, each bit of color and texture is gathered. Every element of a collage is a vital part of the overall story. 

For this week's Friday Showcase I've chosen six collages that made me want to know more. I dare you to visit the Etsy shops where they live and message the artists. Ask what inspired their art. You might be surprised to the point of intrigue. Who knows, you might end up wanting to create a collage of your own.

Enjoy your weekend. God bless you!

Bonnie, who has been thinking I really ought to visit this blog more often so it isn't just a running collection of Friday Showcases. Hmmm. Methinks I might have a story or two to share.

Home Dreams by TheMoodyMagpie

Bird on Paper by dolangleman

Core by retrogiraffe

Own Your Story by carissapaige
Japanese Proverb by RachelGertrude

Mid-Afternoon Muffins by JillMConnor


  1. Bonnie, I adore everything you said here about collage, life, and making sense of it all. Thank you so much for sharing my piece. You made my day! <3

    With Love,

  2. Your post was very interesting and really made me think. I really like the different collages. I'm following you from the CAST team on Etsy.


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