Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fractal Art Frenzy

This week I have been experimenting with fractals. For one whose strength does not lie in the area of math, fractal-building has been a real stretch. I would love to explain it in fine detail, but it's one of those things best left to Wikipedia, so check out their page on fractals. All I know is that it has surprised me by its challenge, and I plan to continue exploring the limitless possibities of this art.

I thought I'd share a few with you today. The first was probably the biggest surprise to me, because when I start out, I have no idea how a fractal will end up. It reminds me of feathers or a wing, but some have said it looks like foilage to them. That's the fun of abstract art. Each person sees something different. Click the title link for details.

I hope you're having a good week! Easter is my favorite holiday, because it's a reminder that my Savior not only gave his life on that cruel cross, but He conquered the grave. He LIVES!

Have a blessed HOLYday,

"In its Time" (based on Ecclesiastes 3:3)

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  1. I love your work, Bonnie! Especially the first piece :)


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