Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Showcase: S p r i n g D r e a m s

Hidden Treasure by bbrunophotographty

Everywhere I turn lately, people are talking about Spring, as if it's just around the corner. I hate to be the bearer of cold news, but we haven't even reached February yet. Winter has dug in and we're in for weeks of more cold weather.

But we can dream, can't we?

That's exactly what I decided to do with this week's Friday Showcase. Enjoy the following six artists, whose work brings us a taste of Spring no matter what the sky looks like today. You'll notice that I've included a variety of genres. Click the caption below  each image to explore more by these gifted artists.

Ignore your local weather forecast, pour yourself a cup of something hot, and enjoy the detailed beauty of each.



Poppy Love by poppyhousepottery     

Dancing Zinnias by limezinnias  

Birds by allette             

A Little Birdie Told Me by capturinggodsart

The Great Garden Adventure by jtj1227

Romantic Chinoiserie Paintings - Greeting Cards by Kathe Fraga


  1. Oh, Bonnie, I LOVE the photograph "hidden treasure"! It's beautiful! I can see I need to go back to your Etsy shop and shop again. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. Thanks for the Friday feature Bonnie. I am so pleased that you chose my photo - it was a real encouragement to get me started here on Etsy.

    Sylvia - CapturingGodsArt

  3. Dianne, so nice to see you here again. I hopped on over to your blog today as well. Will be emailing soon!

    Sylvia, it's always fun to meet new people through Etsy. Your work is beautiful and the name of your shop captured my attention in a hurry. So glad this Friday Showcase was an encouragement to you. God bless you!

  4. Hidden Treasure is my favorite today, Bonnie.

    Thank you!


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