Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Dance Wednesday

Today I'd like to share a piece of good news. Sometimes as artists we feel a little on the isolated side, even more so before social networking like Twitter and Facebook arrived on our doorsteps. Much of our work requires us to be alone, so we learn early on to enjoy our own company--or else! 

Decades of freelance work has taught me to set up clear boundaries between work time and play time. Friends eventually learned to ask if I was busy, which I really do appreciate. People who work from home offices or studios are often misunderstood, because they appear to be available. This isn't the best life for someone who is an antsy, on-the-go-constantly type. God knew what He was doing when he matched my talents with my personality. I'm not as spontaneous as I'd like to be when it comes to dropping everything and flying off into the wild blue yonder, but staying put also means I complete my work. Kind of a tradeoff there, I'd say.

So in the middle of the muddle a few weeks ago, I received a tweet from a gifted artist friend who introduced me to the editor of a wonderful artzine. For those of you living with both feet in the real world, it's techspeak for online art magazine. (See? I am not as unsavvy as my techy 11-year-old granddaughter thinks. She's the one who wows us with gorgeous Powerpoint presentations from our camping trips.)

Long story short: Status Hat Productions is an arts collaborative and production house based in Charlottesville, VA. They develop works in a variety of media, and one of their ways to cultivate art in everyday life is to showcase different art forms and feature those who create. They invited me to submit 7-10 of my images, which they accepted into their February "Spice" issue.  

I'm doing a creaky rendition of the Happy Dance here, and decided to share my news with you. Meander on over and take a peek, then be sure to explore the work of other artists in this month's issue (preferably with a really good mug of coffee). I'd also like to recommend a wonderful article written in last month's issue by Robin Landry, who recalls a very special relationship with her grandmother.

Hope you're having a super week!


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