Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drawn to the Nostalgic

This week I've been drawn to the nostalgic. Don't ask me why; it's just where my eyes landed when I browsed Etsy one morning. Desaturated nostalgics--that's what I call them. It's a feeling more than a critique. I see what I like and I usually have a hard time describing why.

It could be a step back to a simpler time, or a memory bank that's jarred by a certain image. Or, it could be the softness of the colors and the way light spills across the photo. 

I'll let you decide the why's. Here are the pictures. What's your reaction?  I hope you'll visit the shops represented here today, because you're in for a treat.  A very nostalgic treat.

"A Bunch of Daisies" - Lola's Room

"Jane's Room" - KCImagery
"Allium Flower No. 1" - NatureMandala

"Temple" - forestfloorprint
I'll toss in one of my own prints as well, because I like looking at it. Same thing--it slows the pace and makes me happy for some unknown reason.

"Sweet Bouquet" - bbrunophotography

Nature offers up a different course every time I head out the door. I'm reminded that God did an amazing job creating the world for us to enjoy. Every leaf, every petal, every tree...all are a reflection of a Creator who majored in details and still does.

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  1. These are all so gorgeous! Love your shop!

    Thanks so much for including "Jane's Room" alongside these other beauties!

  2. My pleasure, Kathleen. I love the softness of your work, and remember the first time I found your shop. It's even nicer to meet the person behind those amazing images. Glad you stopped by!

    (Got your email, and will get back to you soon. Sounds like fun!)


So glad you stopped by!