Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

With memories of summer long past, and fall moving along at breakneck speed, my thoughts have turned to flowers. I'm not looking forward to my trees losing their leaves, or flowers I cared for all summer shriveling into a dark brown tangle. 

During our flowerless months, there is a remedy: I can browse the pages of Etsy for beautiful listings that showcase flowers--paintings, notecards, clothing, photography, quilts, and more.  Just today, I discovered the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen, and I can hardly wait to share it with you. Take a look:
"The Garden"

My discovery led me to search for more floral products, like a little girl skipping along a garden path. Here are some floral products to brighten your day. I hope you'll visit each shop personally. You're in for a treat.
"Bright Morning"

"Floral in Sky" fabric
"Birds and Flowers"
"Earth Laughs in Flowers"

So bring on those gray, mornings. Let the wind tug at my door.
As long as I have bright, cheery flowers in any form, I won't notice the chill.

Have a floral link you'd like to share? Please leave it in a comment below. (Consider it a therapeutic donation.)

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  1. So beautiful I am a flower lover too
    my shop is full of paintings with flowers.
    Nhquiltsarts are so gorgeous

  2. Love that quilt too, nhquilts rocks! :)

  3. Thank you for featuring my friend nhquiltarts! Her quilts really are works of art!

  4. Mattos, I visited your shop and it is beautiful! This is one of my favorites:

    Kat & Sisu Studios...yes, nhquiltarts has such a special gift. What an artist!


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