Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Showcase - October 15: Begin at the End


Ever heard an over-excited child trying to describe an earthshaking event that just happened? They'll stammer and stutter and jump through linguistic hoops to try and convey how it made them feel. I've been known to say, "Ok, take a deep breath and let's start at the beginning."

As I browse the listings at artistic communities like Etsy and Artfire, it's natural to click the nearest button. That usually means the first page of an artisan's listing. Lately, though, I've been doing the opposite, and it's paid off. I start at the end. It's turned into a sort of treasure hunt, and I've discovered some really good stuff that may not have gotten much promotion since it was first listed a few months back.  

Settle back for a couple of minutes and let me show you what I've found:
"Pears in a Row" by AmeliaKayPhotography at Artfire

"Dijon" by theartofnotions at Etsy

"Crunchy Original Tree Drawing" by CindyDavisArts at Artfire

"Victorian Inspired Steampunk Necklace" by thesteampunktrunk at Etsy

"P is for Panda" by strawberry luna at Artfire

"Mango Papaya" by scentsinsoy at Etsy
See what I mean? Sometimes those golden discoveries have to be gleaned. Start at the end and work your way forward. The results might surprise you!

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  1. I'm so glad you stopped by Rosehaven Cottage so I could come over and find your blog! I think I'm going to have to take a stab at starting from the end when I browse the works of other artists. That's a really good idea. I LOVE the photo of the pears and am so glad that you started at the end so you could share it here.

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for adding my P is for Panda print to your awesome end-starting blog post :) Such a cool idea!

    Lovely blog too, thanks bunches!


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