Friday, June 3, 2011


Fingerprints of Time by bbrunophotography
Have you ever been tempted to throw your watch away, take down that kitchen clock, and turn off the alarm? Same here.  

Time controls so much of what we do--our sleep habits, appointments, work, and play time. Before daybreak even has a chance to warm our windows, time's passing is harnessed according to those two hands on my clock. 

I've often fantasized about tossing out the timekeepers and just letting the day unfold on its own, but I'd still find ways to gauge the time, no doubt. This world is tied to time, and the older one gets the faster it passes. (I remember as a six-year-old how my three-month summer break felt like a year.)

Today's Friday Showcase features Etsy sellers who create clocks to help keep us on track. Not just any clocks, mind you; theirs are both beautiful and functional. Some choose to upcycle cast-off metals and other materials; others design with beautifully grained woods. 

I think you'll enjoy what I've gathered here for you today...and I do hope you'll find time to visit their shops, too.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Green Clock Number 1 by fillingham

Recycled Bike Brake Disk Clock by pixelthis

Elvis Presley Original Vinyl Record Clock by recordsandstuff

Turquoise Aqua Blue Galaxy Saw Blade Wall Clock by makingtimeetc

Olde Arrow Clock Green by ArtmaStudio

Red Polka Dot Origami Clock Large by Giftedpapers


  1. Awesome collection. Thanks so much Bonnie.

  2. Neat post! My husband would like the saw blade one! I, of course, prefer Elvis! ;-)

  3. Nice collection! I enjoyed reading your thoughts about time :)

  4. Lovely collection! Makes me want to update some of my time pieces. Come to think of it...they are the items I look at the most some days, so why not make sure they are awesome? Have a happy Friday everyone!


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