Friday, May 13, 2011

FRIDAY SHOWCASE: The Old Homestead

ABANDONED by Bonnie Bruno

I came upon an abandoned house recently. The old home sat at the edge of a busy road, its porch littered with dried weeds and blowing leaves. With each burst of breeze, this weather-beaten screen door would open and slap shut again, a rhythm that had doubtlessly continued from season to season.

Abandoned homes leave me feeling a bit sad for the passing of time. I always wonder who lived there, and what big events caused that door to open and close regularly? Who was the last person to sleep within those walls? When the occupants moved away either by choice or by death, why didn't someone else move in? Why the emptiness?

Every house, like every person, has a story behind its exterior trappings--tales of silly happenings that only a family would appreciate; strained relationships and mended hearts; times of searching, longing, and celebrating. I captured this photo of the screen door of an abandoned house that left no clues behind, yet I somehow sense that I'm doing its former occupants a favor. In some small way, I'm sharing their history--someone lived here, loved here, and made a difference in our world.  At least that is my hope.

Today's Friday Showcase will focus on doors and windows of the places we call home. Enjoy.

Happy weekend!

THE RED DOOR by JennDiggs


GREEN DOOR OLD HOUSE by beyondthedoorphot

WINDOW PANES by TimMcConkeyPhotos


BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS by luxedesign



  1. Hello Bonnie,

    I have never quite figured out why I too am so attracted to old houses, buildings, abandoned pieces of history still standing... it's as though through our artwork we can somehow bring some of it back to life.

  2. These are all lovely and poignant in their own way. They remind me of a wonderful poem by Ted Kooser called Abandoned Farmhouse. As I read that poem again, I realize that part of the charm of these old places is the clues the people who once lived in them have left behind.

  3. Fabulous examples.. my favorite type of thing to shoot, as well.. excellent blog, btw. :)


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