Thursday, May 19, 2011

FRIDAY SHOWCASE: Images of Childhood

"Tiny Garden Bouquet" by bbrunophotography

My 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter doesn't miss an opportunity to pick a fresh bouquet for the grownups in her life, even if it means gathering a handful of dandelions at the edge of the field at her sister's soccer game. 

As her grandma, I couldn't care less about what's in that chubby little fist, because her dandelion offering comes fully loaded with wide blue eyes and a smile.

Today's Friday Showcase will tug us back to childhood. Six wonderful Etsy artists remember what it was like to be carefree, immersed in the days of adventurous play. Enjoy their prints. It's a treat to share them with you.

Happy weekend, friends!

"Addie and Ella Play Teaparty" by sarahjanestudios
"Spring Swing" by sscphotography
"Summer Adventures" by Cinnamonink
"Brave Boy" by chrisannerobertson

"Gathering Fallen Rainbows" by ImagineStudio

"The Old Slide" by tammiebowden

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