Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Showcase

Like a Pink Echo

Nothings spells Friday like art - wonderful discoveries from Etsy sellers whose work has captured my heart. Although I lean towards lots of color, this week I found myself editing softer tones in my own photography, like the "Pink Echo" floral above. I am drawn to vibrant colors, but every now and then I just melt when I come across images that have been carefully created to convey a certain mood. A softer mood.

So, this week's Friday Showcase focuses on exactly that--soft art that slows me down a bit. I love these for the same reason I appreciate Whisperings internet radio. The soft piano solo music slows the pace and gives me a little breathing room.

Settle back and enjoy this Friday's Showcase. Visit the sites (click on each image's caption), where you'll find more to love.

Happy weekend!
Un Deux Trois Macarons by jessamae22

Bell's Vireo Bird by rachellelevingston

Midnight by kebirch

Snow Day by shannonpix

Daydreaming by donnageissler

Little Wings by honeytree

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  1. What a hard choice to choose from. I like Little Wings the best for the wonderful mix of color and it's unique.

    I'm liking these Friday posts.


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