Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back on Track

So a new year has arrived and I'm almost midway through the first week. I had quite a treat this morning, when I suddenly realized at 10:00 that it was not Wednesday, but only Tuesday. Hurray for senility! I love when that happens. I feel like I've gained a bonus day.

Now that Christmas and New Year's is behind us, I'm eager to get back on track with my Friday Showcase of artists' work, so check in later for that. Today I'll ramble a bit and share a couple of new projects I've listed in my Etsy and Artfire shops...and I would love to hear about something that has fueled your creativity lately. Leave a comment with a link, please! If you have creative friends (and if you don't, find one fast!), please coax them into coming out of their creative cocoons to share their work, too. The more the merrier.
I don't know about you, but my creativity gets a boost from seeing what others are up to. I'm like a bumblebee moving from blossom to blossom, so heavy with pollen/inspiration at the end of my flight, I can barely lift off because I want to carry it all home with me. Inspiration feeds on inspiration, and I truly appreciate those of you who have taken time to both inspire and encourage me.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been dabbling a bit in mixed media art lately, partly because it's been so cold (29 at noon - brrrrr!) and partly because my creative drive took off with a vengeance a few days ago, leaving me standing there with my camera and lenses, going Huhhhhhhhhh? When I caught up with it, it was altering nature photos and coming up with designs that made me wonder what's up.  I have learned to not argue; I just follow the flow. I know it'll eventually lead me back to real photography that resembles the original images.

Today I was thinking of Valentine's Day and how much I loved it when I was a little girl. I'd sit with my best friend and fill out those cute little red-hearted cards, tuck them in envelopes with a candy heart that said something mushy on the front, and deliver them the next day at school. Today's art isn't a card, but a Metallic print. It's a mixture of vintage buttons, hearts, and a short-and-sweet message to that special someone. Click on the caption for details.

Pitter-Patter Valentine Art Print

Vintage Buttons Kaleidoscope Art Print

Here's to a wonderful art-filled and joyous 2011! 



  1. Bonnie, you are a true inspiration to me, and many more. I'm so glad that we connected on Twitter & now on FB :) I hope the connection doesn't fade :)
    p.s. bzzz to the inspirational bumble bee!

  2. Hi there, Olya! Yep...your comment made it through. Glad we connected, too. I hope you're doing well. I thought of you at Christmas. I know it was a "first" for you since losing your mom. ❤


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