Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let Me See Your Picket Fence!

"Black and White Picket Fence"
Ok, so I lied.
I said I would showcase talent on Fridays. It's just that I gravitate toward photography and other forms of art every day. It's like asking me to eat only one Fig Newton.

So today I thought, Aha! What a perfect picket-fence sort of day. I'll start with a photo I shot on the Oregon coast last spring. Waves were crashing in and this fence was sun-drenched and just waiting for me to show up.

In my search for picket fences, I had a hard time deciding which to include. (Seems I'm not the only one with a penchant for these fences.) I've chosen these two because they set a nice mood.

If there's a picket fence in your life and you've featured it on your blog, shop, or website, please share the link. I don't think we can ever see enough picket fences, do you?
"Bee Balm"   



If you'd like to share a story about your fence, all the better. I was trying to remember why I love picket fences, and my thoughts returned to a neighbor lady whose house sat two doors down from ours. I was kindergarten age, and Mrs. Green's fence fascinated me. One afternoon she was pulling weeds when my mom and I walked by, and we stopped to talk. She invited us in, and I remember how her gate swung open with a squeak. 

The fence had fancy swirls on the top of each piece, and I ran my hand along the top of that fence all the way home.    

My early drawings suddenly included houses with picket fences and paned glass windows. I still like both, and am drawn towards photographing windows, doors, and--you guessed it--fences and gates.

Looking forward to hearing your fence stories, and seeing your photos and paintings!


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