Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why I Do What I Do

I remember my grandpa returning from trips with a stack of black and white pictures.  I loved him and hung on his every word, but I don't think I appreciated his photos back then, because there weren't any people in the pictures. He could spot details in nature that others passed by in their rush, and at the time, I thought how boring!  It took me years--no, decades--to understand why he captured those detailed images.

Now I'm the one who looks for tiny details. I'm the one who watches light playing in my garden, and waits for the right moment to frame a picture. I'm seeing why Grandpa loved capturing those special moments. I suspect he knew what I have learned...that a moment passes quickly and won't return ever again in quite that same way.

I respect nature, because I love the details God built into our world. The closer I look, the more beautiful it becomes. That is what drives me as a photographer--to interpret the world as I see it through the everyday changes in nature.

So tell me, what's the driving force behind your art?


  1. I think most of us don't often appreciate the things of beauty that are all around us as readily as we do when we mature. I think we start to realize how fragile beauty is but also at the same time how enduring it is and that is when we sit up and take notice.

    I remember going to the Grand Canyon as a teen and while I did appreciate it for it's breathtaking beauty then I know that I did not appreciate it nearly as much as I would if I were to visit it today.

    You have such a wonderful talent in the way you present your images showing the beauty that you experience in everything around you. That speaks volumes about how much you appreciate every detail you see.

  2. what a wonderful article to read, I too used to hang on every word my grandad said, it was more the stories he told about his experiences of life and how he grew up. My grandad died when I was just eight, but what an impression he left on me, I can still picture the times when we sat and talked, and hopefully I can pass on those stories to my own children. Best wishes Joanne


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