Friday, February 3, 2012

FRIDAY SHOWCASE: Tangerine Tango

Multitasking by bbrunophotography
If you're knee-deep in snow like my friend Sue from Colorado, or fighting the winter blahs in a rainy corner of the world, take heart. Color has arrived!  Tangerine Tango--that warm, vibrant orange-red, chosen as Pantone's Color of the Year--is showing up everywhere, from decorative pillows and clothing to furniture and art. 

Today's Friday Showcase features six Etsy artists who are incorporating it into their work in such beautiful ways, I just had to share. Enjoy the tour!


Turquoise & Tangerine Tango by lauratrevey

Tree Wall art by mimistudio

Aqua Peacock by HappyBrat

Flower Art Print by artbytrudy

A Day in the Life by amychirinosphotos
Sea Creature by WunderWalls



  1. Bonnie..This is is such a fabulous Gallery of just beautiful pieces. I am so honored to be among them. Wow..Gorgeous Tangerine Tangos..I have always loved this vibrant color and use it in most of my pieces. Thank you so much for including my sunflower. It is the first painting I ever created and it has always been dear to my heart. xoxoxo Trudy..What a gorgeous blog..

  2. This is such a great showcase of color. I am so in love with Tangerine right now, it's just a perfect, happy shade(especially with aqua).

  3. Trudy, thank YOU for creating art that fit in so beautifully with my theme! I do love Tangerine Tango when it's mixed with other vibrant colors.

    Angie, you're right - what a happy shade (especially with aqua)! Glad you stopped by.


So glad you stopped by!