Friday, December 30, 2011

FRIDAY SHOWCASE: Abstract Beauties

Colorful Concentric Circles by bbrunophotography

Say the word "abstract" and I used to imagine oversized canvases splashed with a mish-mash of patterns and colors I couldn't understand. Abstract art has long been associated with deep thought. Comedic scenes from movies and sitcoms have featured visitors sitting on benches in front of gigantic works of art, studying the piece until their eyes practically rolled back in their sockets. My favorite art-related scene came from Seinfield's tv show, when Ellen decided to leave her purse on a museum display pillar while she used the restroom. Kramer was supposed to be watching it, but an artsy crowd soon gathered. They oohed and ahhed at the modern interpretation of...purse. When Ellen returned, snatched her purse and walked away, they thought she'd stolen a display!

Today's Friday Showcase steals the show. I've selected six abstract art prints that caught my eye for color, pattern, and flow. I've learned to appreciate abstracts because the interpretation is left up to the viewer. Each person will see it a different way, which is fun.

Wishing you all God's best in this coming year. Hard to believe we're stepping into 2012! (Does anybody out there remember the Y2K fiasco, and all the folks who stocked up on buckets of rice, beans, and other non-perishables? Do I need to remind you that it has been TWELVE years already? Just a few blinks....)


The Change by AeropagitaPrints

Original Modern Abstract by FlowerArtPainting

Carnival Wheel in Paris by SarahGiannobile

Collaberation by StudioMarlene

Blue Abstract Painting Seascape by LoriMarie

4-canvas Abstract by pjartgallery

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in your feature with all of these talented sellers! Your photography is amazing and just as feature worthy! About the Y2k fiasco...heard about the Mayan calendar that ends December 2012? Lots of people think that's going to be "the end"...:) We'll see! Here's to another 12 years! Cheers! -STUDIOMARLENE


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