Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Remembering Thanksgivings Past

Thanksgiving always sends my thoughts hurrying back through time to the sights and smells and sounds of that special day. I’m grateful for parents who provided all we needed as a family, but most of all I’m grateful that they taught me that material possessions aren’t what life is all about. Our Stuff is just that – stuff.  Things wear out and need repairs. They eventually stop working and get tossed out. Stuff is temporary.

The most precious thing my mom and dad passed on to their six children was a strong faith in God’s ability to see us through any situation. I grew up knowing that He loved me and had a special plan for my life; that friends and even family might fail us, but God would always be there, steady and as predictable as the ocean’s waves rolling in each morning.

May this Thanksgiving give you much to celebrate and ponder. Have a wonderful day – wherever you are!

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