Friday, November 11, 2011

FRIDAY SHOWCASE: Lovely Neutral Throw Pillows

Neutral may sound boring, but in these colder seasons it just feels right. Now, you might think I'd chase after bright colors and patterns to add some zing to November. After all, if we take a look around we have to admit that yes, those fiery Autumn leaves are now mostly scattered across the lawn. Bare branches are returning and here we are, faced with another shift.

Like it or not, Autumn will give way to Winter.  And wouldn't it make perfect sense to haul in those bright colors to spruce things up?
Well, yes.  It might.  Except, reserve your judgment until you see what I have in store for this week's Friday Showcase.
I've veered away from the usual art parade.  Today I'm featuring Etsy sellers who deal in pillows--lovely neutral toned throw pillows that made me gawk when I came across them. I think they add a nice warm touch--unique tones and patterns that beg to be hugged.

Enjoy the pillow parade...and let me know what you think.

Happy weekend, everyone. (And to my U.S. friends...Happy Veteran's Day!)

Back to Earth by TheHomeCentric
Gold Solar Silk Linen Cushion by bestillshop
Modern Grey and Gold by couchdwellers
Pair of Decorative Pillow Covers by decorate23
White Starfish by bazordesigns
Throw Pillow Cover Beige Ivory by asmushomeinteriors

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  1. Thrilled to be included in your beautiful neutral choices! Thanks so much for the feature!


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