Friday, October 14, 2011

FRIDAY SHOWCASE: Creative Collages

Along the River by bbrunophotography
When I was a little girl, winter days were never a source of boredom. I don't remember feeling restless by downpours that lasted for weeks. Mama would spread a jigsaw puzzle across the dining room table, or pull my grandmother's old scrapbooks off the closet shelf in the hallway.  Grandma died when I was four, but her scrapbooks were such a treasure to me.  Inside were snippets of her life that I never had the opportunity to know--poems and funny stories, photos of places she dreamed of visiting someday, and pretty garden pictures cut from magazines. Her scrapbooks didn't have a central theme, but were like a colorful collage, layers of life captured between heavy etched covers.

Today's Friday Showcase reminds me of Grandma's scrapbooks. They're fun to study, but most of all they tell stories that spring from each creator's heart. I've learned that it's impossible to assemble a collage without pulling from my storehouse of memories, life experiences, joys and yes--even sorrows. A collage is a beautiful reflection of life as we know it.

I think you'll enjoy the work of these six collage artists. No two are alike and that's really the beauty of it, isn't it?

Many blessings,

Apple Tree by BrightDay
Digital Download Collage Sheet by LiveURPassion

The Cat Channel by art collage

Botanical Nature Collage Print by BreatheDecor


Original Collage Art Painting by contemporaryfineart

Harmony by 3WishesCreations

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