Saturday, March 5, 2011

Treasury Trove

Last week I was one busy girl, creating treasuries like crazy. I have been sporadic about treasury-building, but got to thinking about how much I've learned from fellow sellers at Etsy since joining in October 2010. They've inspired, encouraged, and prodded me on, and I've gained so much from each of them.

So, I made a new pact with myself to spend a little time each week making at least two new treasuries.  I love coming up with new themes, and thought I'd share three that I curated this past week. Want to see the complete list of treasuries I've curated?

Individual items are hotlinked to each Etsy shop represented, so set aside a block of time to visit them one by one. Disclaimer: Etsy browsing can be addicting. I stay away from malls because I do not like to shop, but Etsy is something else. I leave my Paypal card in the other room when I browse.

Happy Saturday!

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