Friday, March 18, 2011


On My Mind, by bbrunophotography
I have aqua-on-the-brain. Everywhere I turn this week, I bump into it. I even heard an aqua toothbrush whisper my name yesterday.
Now, I'm not a shopoholic or anywhere near it. If I am forced into a mall by a specific need I'll go; otherwise I steer clear of overpriced stores. If I had to confess a weakness, it would be Etsy. I am Etsy's #1 browser, not because I shop so much, but because I love finding items to admire. It's the art behind each shop that makes me grin. Can't get enough of the oooohing and ahhhhhing.

Each and every item begins with a spark of an idea and someone who consciously chose to follow through on it. I like that thought. I like the process. I know what it feels like to feel that rush of excitement and to take an idea step by step to completion. Nothing like it.

Here are my six selections for this week's Friday Showcase. I would love to have an opportunity to peek over the shoulder of these multitalented people and watch them work, wouldn't you? I've chosen a variety of genres to liven things up.  Enjoy!

Happy weekend, everyone. God bless you!


Fancy Birds 1 by hihorse

pin-icy bird by moloco
Textured Lace Bowl by oneclaybead
Hand Dyed Patchwork Clutch by LellaRae2
White Orchids by TenLittleBluebirds
Sea Breeze by peggysu1464


  1. On My Mind is my favorite, Bonnie. I really like the color aqua.

  2. lol at the toothbrush! My favorite color is pale aqua. :D


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