Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Choose Joy

What makes you happy? 

Is it circumstances...dreams...precious memories? Most likely it's all that & more.

It makes me happy to think of old friends and the history we've shared. Even the memories of old friends who no longer live within visiting range are enough to make me smile (or in some cases LOL).

I love the sound of big broad autumn leaves falling all around me in the forest, like I experienced last week with my husband. It's almost musical!
But like those tumbling leaves, happiness is fleeting if we connect it to seasons or circumstances. Seasons roll by fast and furious, and as you must surely know by now, circumstances can change with each sunrise. Fact is, none of us knows what a day will bring. 

I've intentionally chosen joy over happiness, not because I stumbled upon it one day, but because I grew up with parents whose faith in God spilled over onto their six children. We learned that life isn't perfect and there will be times when it will feel like your world is falling apart.  Yet, there is one constant--God, who gave the greatest Gift of all to ensure that no matter what life dishes out, no matter what a day or an hour brings, it will be enough.

I've experienced happiness and sorrow, times of rejoicing and times of loss.  And like many of you, our household has experienced the unique strain of unemployment, as my husband is going on his 17th month of job loss. Yet, our joy is based on what we know about God--He is faithful, loving, and good. He never allows anything into our lives without his nod of approval. And no matter what the future brings, He will be enough.

That's just the way it is.

Happy? Yep. Joyful? Absolutely.


  1. Beautiful post, Bonnie! I totally agree!


    p.s. Your photos arrived just before we left for the coast and they are beautiful. (Just make me want more!) I can't wait to have them framed and hang them!

  2. Hi Dianne! Glad you had a good trip last weekend (read your wonderful blog post--what fun). Happy to hear, too, that your order arrived safe 'n sound. Makes me happy.

    Have a great week!

  3. I love your attitude! The joy comes through. I'm sorry that there has been such a long period of unemployment, I hope that the answer will be there soon for your family.

  4. Thank you, Marcy. I appreciate your kind words.♡


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