Monday, October 25, 2010

Sorting and Thinking

Today's the perfect day to tackle a chore that I've put off for the past four years. On the top closet shelf of my home office are three big boxes I hauled home from my parents' house in 2007.  I remember pulling away from that familiar driveway in tears, knowing that I would never again set foot inside the house they had built when I was twelve. I'd never ever feel their arms around me again in a hello hug, or hear their reminder to give them a call when I arrived home after that six-hour drive. 

Mama passed away peacefully in her sleep in 2004. Two years later, Daddy joined her.  It seemed surreal, sitting in that quiet house with my sister, packing decades of precious memories into boxes, then locking the door behind us. I stopped the car in a panicky afterthought to gather a few clippings of bright red geraniums that my dad had planted in the border under the bedroom windows 48 years ago. And you know what? I don't even like geraniums.

Rainy autumns have come and gone, but it's time. This afternoon I'll spend a few hours reading and sorting, reliving long-ago events. I'll probably end up tossing a few things, but I have a set of pretty lidded boxes ready and waiting for mementos I can't part with.

Wishing you a blessed Monday...

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  1. Beautiful post. Sometimes we have to wait for the right moment to look through boxes filled with memories. Sounds like that time has finally come for you.

  2. I've been right there with you. Granted, I was in a small house in Mississippi with my three sisters...sorting through my parents' photos and other treasured belongings. With grace, we took turns choosing what meant the most to each of us. We sat at that antique, round oak table and cried together reliving memories. It has been years now, but the tears can still come easily. Take your time and get up and walk away from the task from time to time if you must. Blessings to you, dear new friend.

  3. Thanks, EG & Dianne.
    I have four brothers and a sister. We sat around a table and talked about what meant the most to each of us, too, Dianne. My sister and I stayed an extra week and emptied each room. In my mind, I still have an attachment to that house. Sometimes I walk through it in my dreams.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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