Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nutcases and Loony Tunes

"Peekaboo" by yours truly

If you're in love with photography like I'm in love with photography you never know when enough is enough. You don't see a landscape, but a wide expanse of light and color and texture and shadows and contrast and think, oh yeah, if I shoot using Camera RAW, I could get three or four really big, bright photos out of this one frame. You don't see just a Cosmos or Gerbera daisy or a row of Coneflowers. Nope. You see a photomontage, a macro, and a gazillion ways to slice and dice each photo to achieve a special look.

See what I mean? The artistic muse is always there, niggling at your mind, asking you to consider not just the obvious, but possibilities times infinity. And with a little ingenuity, you find yourself using a photo-editing tool, cutting away portions of an autumn bush or a summer sky, or (you'll forgive me when I confess this) a human being who had the nerve to step between your hallowed lens and all that Nature, ruining your oh-so-wonderful image that you carefully captured in that perfect 4:42 p.m. light.

I am thinking that photographers and artists are a wee bit crazy. Loonytune to the max. Driven by a creative force that prods them to edit photos at odd hours and write blog posts after midnight. And when all the loose ends of their creative day are finally tied up, they fall into bed in a happy stupor, only to dream about light and color and texture and shadows and contrast.

But isn't it all such fun?

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  1. Bonnie, thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you too. I have definitely gotten more into photography since I started blogging. It really makes you want to get better & better with it.

  2. Nice blog--thanks for visiting mine and commenting. I can see you know a lot more about photography than I do!


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