Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Finds

Have you ever found a present hidden away on a closet shelf? I've done that more than once, usually with small stocking-stuffer type Christmas presents I tossed up there to keep away from snoopy eyes. Cleaning my top closet shelf is a story of its own. Now that I've told the world about my favorite hiding place, I'll have to find a new one.  See the danger in blogging, people?

It's Friday and I'm looking forward to my granddaughter's soccer game tomorrow morning. Also looking forward to relaxing, maybe baking a Low-Fat Apple Crisp (which, by the way, doesn't lack any of the goodness of its more sugary cousin) and I might even watch a football game on tv with DH. (Since he likes anonymity when it comes to blogging, I will reference him as DH from this point on. Dear Husband he is, too. Anyone who can put up with me for almost 39 years (come November 6th) is truly wonderful. And patient. He's a keeper!

I've stumbled upon a few Friday finds, and thought they might inspire you to get out there and browse Etsy and Artfire when you have a moment. I'm ever-amazed at the collective talent of these artisans. Today I found more than art.  (Sorry--I know I started out calling this an art blog, but this is something else you'll learn about me if you hang around long enough. I change my mind from time to time.) Take a look and tell me if it isn't worth SHOUTING about. There.  See?

"Luna Moths 8x8 Art Print"
"Two Cupcake Candles"
"Transparent Topaz Beads"
"Vintage Poppy Artwork"

"Nautilus Fabric Collage"
"Dream Garden"

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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  1. I'm always so amazed at the fabulously talented artisans on Etsy and ArtFire!
    Thanks for including my beads in the company of such beauty!

  2. Your finds are so much fun to explore ~ thank you for sharing and so honored to be here too! Many Thanks!

  3. Thanks for including my Luna Moths print in your finds.


  4. Hi Bonnie, always such a treat to stop by--love all the wonderful treasures you've posted!

  5. Thanks, everyone. Gillian, I agree--so many talented artisans out there! I'm happy when I creative people doing well.❤

  6. Bonnie,
    Thanks for your visit and sweet comments! I'm off to browse your blog now!

  7. What treasures ! Just beautiful, each and every one. Love the art glass beads and had to check out Gillian's shop. Think I'll go back and give her shop a heart and let her know I found her through your blog. :)


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